Are Used Forklifts Worth the Money?

Are used forklifts worth the money that you spend on them? Lots of manufacturing companies, warehouses and small businesses are choosing to buy them. They use them for all kinds of heavy lifting and for them it makes sense to buy a forklift that belonged to another business rather than one that is brand new. The single biggest benefit of buying used forklifts is that they are cheaper than brand new ones. But do they perform as well?

Testimonials from people who have bought used forklifts in Houston show that if you know how to choose a used forklift (see below on how to choose), you will get a forklift that will give you service as good as if you bought a brand new one.

As a small business that does not have money to acquire expensive assets, it therefore makes sense that if you can acquire good used machinery, you go with this option. Because forklifts are hardy, they can be used by another business for years and so long as they were maintained in good condition, they will be as beneficial to your business as if you walked into a forklift showroom and bought a brand new one.How do I chose the best Forklift for the Money

Check the maintenance log. This is basically a record that would show all the mechanical repairs and maintenance operations that have gone into the forklift. You are looking for repairs that were too frequent (it keeps breaking down) or maintenance service that was skipped (the forklift went for a long time without service). If the forklift you are looking for does not have these two things, then it is very likely a good one. The ideal is that a new forklift is serviced at least once every 3 months so used ones should be serviced maybe twice every 3 months.

Check the condition of the body. How new does it look? Because forklifts are used for very heavy duty work, they may get quite dented and scraped. You want one that looks decent, so look for something that looks relatively well taken care of.

Take it for a test drive. Used forklift vendors in Houston will usually allow you to test drive any forklift that you want to buy. They will deliver it at your premises so that you can use it for a few hours doing exactly what it will be doing once you buy it. If you will be lifting barrels, then use it to lift barrels. If you will be using it to stack warehouse goods, your test run should be used to stack. See how well it performs.

Have a mechanic look it over. There is a 14 point checklist that you can download from the internet to show you all the areas he should be looking at. Let him go over each area carefully and then give you an assessment of the condition.

If it will be used indoors, make sure that you are able to get it into the premises. The height of your doorway should be able to accommodate the forklift. You should also check to make sure that it does not destroy your floor. Sometimes special pathways have to be created for the forklift to use so that the condition of the floor is maintained.

Check how many attachments that come with forklifts. Battery retrievers, rotating clamps, side-shifters, marble clamps, carton clamps and drum handlers are all attachments that come with forklifts. Check your current lifting needs as well as those that you may have in the near future. Keep in mind that the more attachments a forklift has the more valuable it is so getting them adds value to your forklift.

Compare prices. Used forklifts in Houston are sold for different prices so go shopping and compare prices. Remember that the owner of the forklift will want to sell it for more if it is in relatively good condition and if he has not used it much so be ready to bargain.

Are you getting a warranty? Never buy used heavy machinery without a warranty. The ideal is a 1 year warranty and 3 months for replaceable parts. A warranty protects you in case something goes wrong.

Ask how old a forklift is. Very old ones can be problematic especially when it comes to parts. Newer models also seem to run better, more economically and for longer. Before you buy, ask the vendor where he gets spare parts and how easy it is for him to get them. It would be helpful if he can get you the name and address of the shop or vendor.

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